Thursday, October 1, 2015

NEW! Phantasm Enamel Collector's Pin!

Brace yourself for something cool! Artist Christopher Ott has debuted a brand new Phantasm Enamel Pin over in his London 1888 webstore. You may recall Christopher's terrific Phantasm print from 2011, a copy of which I still proudly have in my collection. He's been a busy fellow since then, but I believe this is his first Phantasm-related work since.

Chris's new pin depicts the Caretaker's death scene from the original Phantasm and - get this - the silver sphere actually slides along the pin into the character's forehead! Now that is a pretty nifty touch. These pins are super limited and going fast, but if you'd like one head on over to London 1888 where they're selling for a cheap $10. The product listing mentions that each pin will arrive carded and numbered.


  1. t's been a few weeks, and I still have not gotten my pin, nor a confirmation from the company.


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