Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bizarre Phantasm Box Set from Italy

I've posted before about how international home video editions of the Phantasm series often have small peculiarities about them, but this is a massively peculiar release from Italy. This four-disc box set of "Fantasmi" includes the first three Phantasm movies yet uses artwork created exclusively for Phantasm Oblivion! Why exclude the fourth film, especially if you're going to use artwork from it? The set's back cover further features an image of the Tall Man from Oblivion. 

This Italian release also includes a fourth disc of supplemental material ported over from Anchor Bay's impressive UK box set. Among these is the feature-length documentary Phantasmagoria, which looks to have been trimmed from its original 97-minute runtime to 72-minutes in order to exclude the concluding Phantasm Oblivion segment. I wonder, did they further trim Oblivion clips from the also-included "The Gory Days" and "Phandom" featurettes? 

Furthermore, the credit blocks on the back cover are also messed up. The block for "Fantasmi III" is a straight copy of the original film's credits, listing Paul Pepperman as co-producer (he produced none of the sequels, mind you) and gives Kathy Lester's micro-cameo fourth billing! Click the images below to see the packaging larger.

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