Friday, February 5, 2016

New Phantasm Quiz Book Out This Week

There is a new Phantasm book out this week from author Killian H. Gore. Phantasm Unauthorized Quiz Book dishes up more than two hundred trivia questions on the series. Killian solicited input from series veterans including star A. Michael Baldwin, dwarf-actor Ed Gale, co-producer Roberto Quezada, sphere master Kerry Prior and special makeup effects supervisor Mark Shostrom. 

Browsing these pages, I am already noticing a good range of difficulty. Some of these phans will immediately know the answer to while others will surely send you to the book's answer section or perhaps Google. Full disclosure: The book's final five questions are provided by yours truly and I did my best to make them challenging! You can purchase either the paperback version or Kindle Edition over at AmazonThe official description is below:
Are you ready for a truly Phantastic Phantasm Quiz, boooy!!!? Featuring over 200 trivia filled multiple-choice questions on all four Phantasm movies. With a Tall Man’s Tricky Bonus Question for each movie too! Plus! A selection of Special Guest Star Questions from Phantasm cast and crew members A. Michael Baldwin, Mark Shostrom, Kerry Prior, Ed Gale and Roberto A. Quezada! AND a set of bonus questions from a Surprise Special Guest Star! As well as the terrifying Phantasm-inspired short story “Video Projects” by Killian H. Gore. If you want to play a good game, boooy, the quiz is about to begin!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Book on Don Coscarelli's Filmography

I am astonished sometimes at the important things I forget to post here. I have written plenty about my own Phantasm book, but I neglected to announce when a related book was published on the series last year. Written by my pal, Gerardo Santos Bocero, the new book is called Don Coscarelli: Phantasmas, Momias Y Otras Bestias and it is entirely in Spanish. Translated, that title reads “Phantasms, Mummies and Other Beasts.” Way cool. 

Published by Tyrannosaurus Books and clocking in at 266 pages, this read takes a detailed look at Coscarelli’s career from Jim the World’s Greatest all the way up to John Dies at the End. I think we can all agree that Phantasm’s creator is a genius filmmaker worthy of a tome like this. Even better, the foreward is by another pal of mine - mega-phan Miguel Collado Gabaldón, administrator of the terrific Phantasma Facebook Group

For anyone who wants to purchase the book, you can do so here from Amazon or here from the publisher’s website. I find it wonderful to see the series honored in other countries and languages - may this trend this continue! 

Ten cuidado con El Hombre Alto, chiiiiiiiiiico!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rue Morgue Showing Phantasm II on 35mm

Rue Morgue has announced a special Phantasm II screening at the Royal Theatre in Toronto on Thursday, February 18th. Canadian phans will want to take note because this is a rare opportunity to see the movie projected on 35mm. The showing is dedicated to the recently passed Angus Scrimm and promises to include a tribute reel to the actor as well as "other surprises." Consider us intrigued!
CineMacabre presents a 35mm Tribute to the Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm, with a screening of PHANTASM II on Thursday, February 18 at 8:00pm at The Royal (608 College Street, Toronto). The second installment in Don Coscarelli's surreal horror series has survivors of the first Phantasm joining forces with a psychic and mounting a cross-country hunt for the Tall Man. Abandoned towns, pillaged cemeteries and deadly traps lead them to a showdown with the otherworldly menace. Featuring Scrimm at his scowling, villainous best, Phantasm II is the ideal film to remember one of our favourite actors. Join us for a film, tribute reel and other surprises. One Night Only! Ghastly Prizes!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Silver Sphere Replica by BAKERProps

Phantasmic salutations - your friendly neighborhood Chief Archivist checking in today with a different kind of review. I’ll be taking a look at a sphere replica made by Michael Baker of BAKERProps. I’ve come across numerous sphere replicas of varying quality at conventions over the years, so I immediately recognize this ball as being spectacular. If Don Coscarelli ever gets around to sanctioning an official sphere replica (Lord knows why he hasn’t yet - there have been so many interested parties), this is the kind of ball you would hope for.

Let me say first that I have no idea exactly how sphere makers actually produce these replicas. Magic, I suppose. I interviewed Michael several years back and I’m no more educated on the process nor less mystified by the final product. There are no seams on this sphere, no smudges, scratches or defects of any kind. I challenge anyone to find an angle to gaze upon this ball from which it doesn’t look outstanding. My personal favorite vantage is looking at it direct from the drill-bit, which recalls the poster art for Phantasm Oblivion.

The ball is heavy, but in a good way and as you’d want it to be. After handling the lightweight plastic sphere case from the UK box set, I was happy to find this orb couldn’t be blown away by an errant gust of wind. The blades are terrifically movie accurate as well, unlike the stubby stabbers of the plastic ball.

What I also appreciate about this particular ball is the sturdiness of the blades and drill. You can touch them without fear that they are going to pop right off. They are also about as sharp as you’d expect a deadly silver sphere’s attachments to be. Back in 2007, I received a replica from someone who contributed effects on Phantasm II (an assistant, not Kerry Prior or Mark Shostrom!) and one of his blades plopped out within minutes of my simply holding it. Nine years later and that sphere isn’t around anymore - I eventually tossed it in the trash.

In summary, I would strongly recommend you turn to Sphere Master Michael Baker if you’re looking for a high-end Phantasm sphere replica. Sure, you could grab one off eBay or Etsy, but it’s not going to come anywhere near this level of authenticity. The ball I now have is so good, it might could fool even the Tall Man. I will gladly display it upon my desk for a long time to come, but if I happen to hear even the faintest buzzing or humming coming from it, a swift relocation to my freezer will occur. Not taking any chances!

(Feel free to click either of the photos above to enlarge them, but please excuse my amateur attempts to photoshop myself out of the ball's reflection!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reggie Bannister remembers pal Angus Scrimm

Fangoria has posted another personal remembrance of our dear Angus Scrimm, this one by longtime friend and co-star Reggie Bannister. The Tall Man and the Regman did a total of eight films together across forty years, five of which were Phantasm’s. In the years since the original film, the two men have traveled the country together promoting their work and meeting fans of the series and genre. The Fangoria piece also includes several special photos by Phantasm crewmember extraordinaire Kristen Deem.

The legacies of these two greats will forever be intertwined, so it’s nice to hear more from Reggie about the man we’re all still missing. Read the piece here. (The Tall Man artwork in the above image is by the fantastic Chris Ness - check out his website on the side panel to your right.)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cooking with the Tall Man - Recipe Remembrances of Angus Scrimm

Biographical information on Angus Scrimm has often mentioned that the man was an outstanding chef who possessed an appreciation for great food, but little has ever been said on the subject. Fortunately for us, Phantasm series crewmember and longtime Scrimm personal friend Kristen Deem has stepped forward with a different kind of remembrance.... one that includes two of his actual recipes!

Thirty Art Tributes to Angus Scrimm

One social media platform that has been buzzing non-stop with Angus Scrimm memorial tributes this past week or so is Instagram. Fans have been sharing personal pictures with Angus, stills from his films and images from their collection. My favorite thing that gets posted to Instagram are all the marvelous artistic tributes. I've collected thirty of my favorite Instagram artworks from this past week or so in this post. Click on the usernames next to each photo to see more from the artists/posting accounts

Amazing Sphere Tribute to the Tall Man

It's wonderful seeing all of the different phan tributes to Angus Scrimm this past week. One in particular has caught my eye by Mark Phillips of Nightmares Unlimited. Mark wrote, "When Angus passed away, I felt as many of my fellow phans and phamily did. Heartbroken. He touched so many lives in such a terrifyingly positive way. He was one of a kind. The world seems a little less bright with this amazing human being in it. Lawrence Rory Guy. Angus Scrimm. The Tall Man. I wanted to honor your memory with this, The Angus Scrimm memorial sphere ...BOOOOOOOOYYYY!!!!!!"

At first glance, I thought Mark had simply painted the Tall Man onto a silver sphere, which would have been impressive enough. As it turns out, he actually cut this design into the stainless steel ball using a Dremel rotary blade. Wow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Limited Edition Tall Man Bust

If you’re looking for a way to memorialize Angus Scrimm in your home, consider this breathtaking bust by sculptor Jeff Yagher. This limited edition piece is being offered by Tony Salcines of Rebel Resin Model Kits & Busts, but not for much longer according to what I’ve heard. After this most recent batch of orders is through, the mold is being destroyed. So if you want one of these, the time is now.

Tony is currently offering the full Tall Man/Sphere/Base piece for $100 plus shipping. There is also a Tall Man/Base version being offered for $75 plus shipping. The sphere version comes with a Phantasm nameplate and the Tall Man-only version comes with an Angus Scrimm Memorial nameplate. The busts come unpainted and unassembled, though assembly is quick and easy.

Contact Tony at or visit his Facebook group to see more or secure your own.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Writer Stephen Romano Remembers Angus Scrimm

Stephen Romano, the genius writer behind the Phantasm: Overminds comic, Masters of Horror's Incident On and Off a Mountain Road and the yet unproduced Bubba Nosferatu and Phantasm Forever, has paid wonderful tribute to Angus Scrimm over at Dread Central. Before some of his bigger writing successes, Stephen was a huge Phantasm phan foremost. He even planned the franchise's first-ever dedicated convention event - Phantasmania - in 2000.

It's apparent reading over his tribute that Stephen is speaking straight from the heart. This piece easily ranks among my favorite remembrances of the man we're all missing so badly right now. Give it a read.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Glass Eye/Fango Tributes to Angus Scrimm

Numerous loving tributes to our dearly departed Angus Scrimm continue to appear online - far too many to collect in one blog post - though there are four I want to bring your attention to. They were written by four people who knew our Tall Man well and whom he held in extremely high regard. The photo above was snapped by series crewmember and longtime Scrimm sidekick Kristen Deem.

First off, Fangoria founder and longtime personal friend Tony Timpone has written "Tall Man, Big Heart" over at Fangoria's website. I strongly encourage you to read this one - Timpone knew the man well for many years and speaks from the heart.

Also at Fangoria, I SELL THE DEAD writer/director Glenn McQuaid fondly recalls meeting Angus for the first time

Still at Fangoria, Larry Fessenden has penned a similarly warm tribute with behind the scenes remembrances. Fessenden both co-starred with and produced Angus in four films.

Lastly, filmmaker James Felix McKenney remembers his friend over at IndieWire. Outside of Don Coscarelli and Jim Wynorski, McKenney directed Angus more times than any other filmmaker on the planet and knew him well.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Angus Scrimm Tribute Video Round-Up

Among the many tributes to Angus Scrimm these past few days, there have been some wonderful videos posted. Collected here are several of them along with my own tribute to the man in the style of Turner Classic Movies. The second video, which is so enjoyable, originally played at Angus's Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony from the NYC Horror Film Fest 2014.