Monday, June 26, 2017

Forget Blu. You need Phantasm Ravager on VHS!

Forget DVD. Forget Blu-Ray. Forget high definition entirely. You need Phantasm Ravager on good old VHS cassette!

Specialty biz Retro Release Video is now offering a cool VHS package for the latest Phantasm film, complete with vintage looking artwork! Considering that Ravager is the only film in the series without a proper VHS release, this kind of makes things right with the universe. In addition to completing your home video library, these make for terrific collector's pieces. The cases are available either "clean" or "thrashed" for that "been sitting on a rental store shelf for fifteen years" look. The tapes themselves are blank, but come in either traditional black, red, or green.

To order, e-mail Retro Release either through their website or (more preferably) direct message them on Instagram (username retroreleasevideo). 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Want a Coscarelli Signed Companion Book?

If you don't check in with the Official Phantasm Store very often, you may have missed something cool pop up recently. The Phactory website is now selling copies of John W. Bowen's Authorized Phantasm Companion. These aren't just any random copies - they're hand signed/numbered by series creator Don Coscarelli and limited to a scant 199. Kind of a bummer that they don't also come with Bowen's scrawl, but certainly Coscarelli's autograph is a must for any Phantasm collector if you don't already have it on something.

As Phantasm's foremost unauthorized author, I don't mind telling you that the Authorized Companion, which comes from the team behind Rue Morgue Magazine, is an enjoyable and attractively designed read.

Grab your signed copy here!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Unusual Phantasm III Prop Hits eBay

This has been a surprisingly busy week for Phantasm props heading to auction. We've already seen a Phantasm II sentinel sphere and gold Rambo sphere. Now it appears someone has offered up young Tim's razor-Frisbee from Phantasm III! This is no joke! To quote Rufus, "You think we're playing' games kid?!?"

eBay seller chr0meskull writes, "Up for sale is a Phantasm III Shredder Frisbee thrown by Kevin (pink w/ rubber razor blades and balsa wood chunks cut by Reggie Bannister from "Stunt" pew). The Shredder Frisbee and Wood Chunks are in very good condition for their age. These Props from Phantasm III come with a LOA signed by the 'Production Assistant' Kenneth E. Toops. I have included a close up picture of the LOA so you can see exactly what it says."

I've checked Phantasm III's credits and there is indeed a Kenneth Toops listed as a production assistant. Is this prop authentic? It's hard to tell, but it certainly looks like the real deal, doesn't it? The auction also includes some wood chunks cut by Reggie, but I'm not sure how those feature into the film. My memory may be fading a bit as I haven't seen III in several years. The item has a "Buy It Now" price of $1,500 with free shipping, though the seller appears to be entertaining reasonable offers from interested parties. Check it out here!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

London 1888's Phantasm Sphere Kill Pin is Back!

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but it's still worth posting about. Years ago, I wrote on this blog about how Christopher Ott's London 1888 had released a smashing Phantasm enamel pin, which sold out long ago. Lucky for those who missed out on this neat collectible, Ott has released a new variation on the old pin, which is currently available through his website for $10.

This nifty 1.75 inch enamel pin depicts Phantasm's unfortunate caretaker being drilled by the silver sphere. Like the original pin years ago, the sphere moves back and forth into the poor chap's forehead!

Get your pin here before they're gone!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Auction Update: P2 Rambo Sphere Prop & Other Rarities Added

In case you missed yesterday's groovy news, Phantasm series crewmember Kristen Deem is having a moving sale and parting with some rare treasures from her personal Phantasm collection. The first item to hit the auction block was an authentic Phantasm II silver sphere used during production!

Kristen has added a few additional items to eBay since that first prop including an even more rare Phantasm II "Rambo Sphere" used to kill the mortuary caretaker (Mark Anthony Major). Below is a listing of what's been added since yesterday. Each auction page comes with at least one photo and a detailed description of the item. The R. Quinn mask even comes with a copy of a decades old letter from Angus Scrimm discussing it! Way cool.

Phantasm II "Rambo Half-Sphere" Prop used in the caretaker's death

Rare Licensed 1980 Tall Man Halloween Mask by R. Quinn Studios

1983 Angus Scrimm Painted Lifecast Mask from The Lost Empire (this mask's twin was used on Phantasm Oblivion)

Phantasm II T-Shirt and Promo Button from World Premiere Screening

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