Monday, June 27, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Christopher Ott of London 1888

In this second Artist Spotlight, we turn our gaze toward horror artist Christopher Ott of London 1888 and a stellar new Phantasm piece he created for the recent Days of the Dead convention. As a phan, I must confess how refreshing it is to see such seldom-depicted characters as Mike, Reggie and the Caretaker featured so prominently in addition to the more oft-seen Tall Man, silver sphere and dwarf. Also, major props to the artist for incorporating the sphere's blood spray into the poster's red border. You can't tell it from these small photos, but the red and metallic silver practically leap off the card stock it's printed on. Frankly, this is an exceptional piece of Phantasm artwork.

Christopher has made this eye-catching 9 x 24 inch poster available to fans in a limited 200-print run, each one signed and numbered, on his London 1888 website. Print #001 was gifted to Angus Scrimm at the recent Monster Mania convention, #003 to Reggie Bannister at Days of the Dead and #002 will be given to Michael Baldwin at this summer's Fright Night Film Fest. Your friendly Phantasm Archivist managed to nab print #012. Get your own print here!

Below you can see Angus with a print as well as Christopher and myself modeling with his artwork at the Monster Mania show (click to enlarge).

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