Sunday, July 3, 2011

Artist Spotlight: An Adorably Tall Knit Terror!

In this third Artist Spotlight, we highlight the work of Laurie Pizzi, the crafty mastermind behind the Knit Terrors website where one can find handmade plush dolls of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and... the Tall Man?! Yes!! If the Movie Maniacs action figure from a few years back just wasn't cuddly enough for you, this should more than satisfy. At the recent Monster Mania 18 show in Baltimore, Laurie had the opportunity to personally present Angus Scrimm with one of her doll creations, much to his delight. Angus reports that his knit Tall Man, of which he's grown quite fond, now stares at him constantly from across his dining room table. Visit Laurie and view more of her work on the Knit Terrors website. 

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