Friday, October 2, 2015

NEWS: Phantasm Ravager is Finished!

[UPDATE: Some phans are finding this news confusing. The film was originally announced as being complete last March, but Don Coscarelli then told Bloody-Disgusting that only the filming was complete and that visual effects work was ongoing and "will be for quite some time." This is the first public confirmation I have personally seen that work on the sequel has concluded.]

Star/producer Reggie Bannister has been interviewed for the 200th episode of the Rabbit in Red Radio podcast at As you might expect, the conversation turns toward the new Phantasm Ravager every so often. The Regman talks about how shooting took place at his property in the mountains of Crestline, California and reveals that production also took place at director David Hartman's home. This isn't so strange, he continues, as Don Coscarelli productions have been doing this as far back as 1976's Kenny & Company, which shot at the Senior Coscarelli household. He goes on to promise the new sequel will include "a lot of action." 

The biggest news bomb dropped in the podcast is public confirmation that Phantasm Ravager is complete! In his own words, Reggie tells the podcast, "We've got final cut." He also mentions that while the film is finished, he has not yet seen the completed version but expects a distributor to pick it up soon. The weird thing is that Reggie references the upcoming Anaheim WonderCon in his interview, which took place back in April of this year. That places this interview as occurring in March of this year, meaning Phantasm Ravager has been in the can for that long!

This should help to dispel any nagging rumors that the filmmakers haven't finished the effects or have gone back for reshoots. Hooray!!!


  1. I can't wait for this to come out

  2. So it basically boils down to them looking for the right distribution deal. I figured it was something to that effect. They had to be close to finished back when it was announced. So they took about a year to finish the effects and editing and have been spending the rest of this time looking for a distributor.
    I can understand it taking this long to work out a distribution deal. They are trying to release a 5th film in a horror franchise that has the epitome of a cult fandom. So a pretty niche film. It's probably been difficult for them to even find someone interested in releasing it. Plus they want to release it correctly, with all the bells and whistles as far as special features and the like go. I mean they could have probably released it through some rinky dink company that couldn't offer the quality of distribution they want.
    I want them to release the film right. This is going to be the last one. So it deserves to be put out by a company that will treat the release properly.
    After finally seeing the 4 minutes of footage, I have a lot of faith that this is going to be a great send off to the Phranchise. So I'm fine with it taking a little longer than we all would like to have it done right.

  3. Does anyone have a guess when it would come out ??

  4. Someone needs to tell them, hey it's 2015. Release it on Netflix and/or iTunes/Google Play. I'll never buy a DVD again anyway.


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