Monday, June 26, 2017

Forget Blu. You need Phantasm Ravager on VHS!

Forget DVD. Forget Blu-Ray. Forget high definition entirely. You need Phantasm Ravager on good old VHS cassette!

Specialty biz Retro Release Video is now offering a cool VHS package for the latest Phantasm film, complete with vintage looking artwork! Considering that Ravager is the only film in the series without a proper VHS release, this kind of makes things right with the universe. In addition to completing your home video library, these make for terrific collector's pieces. The cases are available either "clean" or "thrashed" for that "been sitting on a rental store shelf for fifteen years" look. The tapes themselves are blank, but come in either traditional black, red, or green.

To order, e-mail Retro Release either through their website or (more preferably) direct message them on Instagram (username retroreleasevideo). 

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