Sunday, June 25, 2017

Want a Coscarelli Signed Companion Book?

If you don't check in with the Official Phantasm Store very often, you may have missed something cool pop up recently. The Phactory website is now selling copies of John W. Bowen's Authorized Phantasm Companion. These aren't just any random copies - they're hand signed/numbered by series creator Don Coscarelli and limited to a scant 199. Kind of a bummer that they don't also come with Bowen's scrawl, but certainly Coscarelli's autograph is a must for any Phantasm collector if you don't already have it on something.

As Phantasm's foremost unauthorized author, I don't mind telling you that the Authorized Companion, which comes from the team behind Rue Morgue Magazine, is an enjoyable and attractively designed read.

Grab your signed copy here!

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