Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BREAKING: Phantasm DVD Collection Coming This Fall

Here is some late breaking news for you: Well Go USA is apparently releasing the entire Phantasm series as a five-disc DVD package this fall. Both Amazon and Video ETA report the "Phantasm 5-Movie Collection" will be hitting store shelves on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. The suggested retail price is an economical $29.98.

Phans should recall that Well Go released a six-disc Blu-Ray Collection several months ago (pictured right). That initial offering was limited to a scant 10,000 copies, all of which quickly sold out from retailer inventories. The Blu Collection is now firmly out of print and fetching high prices on the secondary market. This DVD collection appears to contain one less disc, though the specifics of the other five discs have yet to be revealed.

We'll be sure to update here once packaging and supplements are announced! Special thanks to Anthony DiPaola for the head's up!

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