Saturday, July 1, 2017

eBay Turns Up Grossest Phantasm Prop Yet!

Phantasm series crewmember Kristen Deem is moving and parting with several rare items that have been in her collection for decades. We've already seen two fantastic sphere props hit the auction block.... and now she's offered up literal pieces of the Tall Man's melted skin from the ending of Phantasm II. Read on for all the gory details!

Kristen writes on the auction page: "On March 21, 1988, principal photography for "Phantasm II" had wrapped and we were well into filming a series of "insert shots," SPFX sequences, etc. These shots are generally close-up or FX shots that take awhile to film and are left until after the main cast and crew have completed their work. On March 21st I spent the day working at our Chatsworth warehouse, and watched them film Angus Scrimm recreating his "meltdown" scene (where the Tall Man is dissolved from the inside out by hydrochloric acid-spiked embalming fluid). After this, I also watched the SPFX team use a blowdryer on a gelatin prop hand to simulate the Tall Man's hand melting/bleeding). 

After filming ended that day, Mark Shostrom removed the "meltdown" latex patches/appliances from Angus' face, and Angus gave a sample to me as a keepsake (most everything went into the garbage because all sorts of perishable items were used on these appliances--milk, chicken skin, etc. The latex patches I have are mainly just latex covered with makeup, taken directly from Angus' face. From what I can seen in the plastic bag, there is a large patch (almost 2.5 inches wide) and then a much smaller patch. Everything has been stored unopened/untouched for twenty-nine years in plastic zip-lock baggies from that day. I don't remember exactly what part of his face these came from."

I double dare the winner to open that plastic bag once you get it. Imagine all that sealed in freshness! Get your bid in on this bloody good item here!

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