Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stacy Still Recreates Phantasm Effects Makeups!

Stacy Still is a woman of many talents (effects makeup, cosplay, sculpting, art and blogging) and impeccable taste (Jurassic Park, Twin Peaks, Amityville 1992 and everything Zach Galligan). This post is going to highlight one point where he talent for effects makeup intersects with her passion for Phantasm

Featured below are two of Stacy’s outstanding makeups, the first depicting the mortician ghoul’s messy demise from Phantasm II and the second showing Mike’s transformation from Phantasm III. As Stacy tells it, the sphere-mouth makeup was the more complicated of the two, requiring a day’s worth of mold making from a sculpt by pal Brian Mahoney. The actual application time was around two hours. She reports the cranial-sphere makeup was significantly less work intensive, essentially sawing a Christmas ornament in half.

Brava, Stacy! You can visit her over on her blog here. Word on the street is that Stacy's upcoming slate includes makeups based on James Cameron films. Way cool! Click either photo set below to see it larger!

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