Monday, February 15, 2016

This Custom Phantasm Hearse is Fast and Furious!

The Phantasm series and hearses go together like peanut butter and jelly, pancakes and syrup, corpses and embalming fluid! More than a handful of phans have been moved to acquire their own funeral coaches through the decades, most notably phan-turned-crewmember Guy Thorpe.

The sweet-looking hearse pictured below is owned by uber-phan Brian Swartz of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interestingly enough, Brian didn't customize this ride himself, but bought it from another phan that hailed from Texas. Brian shares that his coach is a 1968 Cadillac hearse/ambulance combination. Although it's spent the past two years in storage, he's recently performed some repair work on it so that he can tour it around Pittsburgh later this year. 

Love that Phantasm Oblivion-inspired hood artwork. If you happen to live in the area, keep your eyes for Brian and his phantasmic ride! He also writes, "And if you're wondering, yes - there IS a casket in the back!"


  1. good to see this dead sled again. o did all the airbrushing. kyle mooe , complete car pros did the flames , sweet ass paint kandy

  2. The always-fashion-and-never-function materialist, madin, needs to pull his hollow cranium out of his gaping hole, and go pedal (yes, I mean "pedal") his wears (yes, I also mean "wears") elsewhere, where I am not. Perhaps he can even piss in his shoes and float for awhile if he gets tired of walking, or sore feet, on his way elsewhere!!!

    Yes, the '68 Cadillac was a beautiful vehicle. I had a '68 Cadillac Fleetwood Miller Meteor that was my favorite vehicle of all. However, I don't care as much for the funeral coach/ambulance combo vehicles, but still better than not having one at all. I also owned a '63 Pontiac Bonneville Superior ambulance/hearse combo.

    What really bugs me about this, and many other hearses, is how so many people think it is "cool" to paint flames on them, and decorate them with skulls, and have a casket in the back. That style is far too cliché for my tastes. Normally, I would say, "To each their own.", but these incredible vehicles are limited in number, and as time progresses, those limits grow, and the numbers dwindle. At least bodies can be repainted, and hopefully those who put skulls on the door locks did manage to save the originals, along with the original wheels and hubcaps, so if a new owner ever comes to possess the vehicle, they will be able to restore it partially to its former glory.

    There is something worse though. I completely loathe the mental attitude required to believe that it would be super-cool to score a hearse, and then convert/modify it into an ECTO1 Ghostbusters vehicle. The use of rare, and beautiful vehicles for such purposes totally enrages me, and should be criminal! Especially because the vehicle is a '59 Cadillac, one of the rarest, and most sought after hearses. Some of these gearheads don't even realize that the ECTO1 was converted from an ambulance/hearse combo vehicle. Because of that, there have been a few who have somehow managed to get extremely lucky (without realizing just how fortunate of an acquisition they have just made), and will acquire a '59 Cadillac hearse, and then completely destroy it by converting it into an ECTO1 piece of trash!!! It has brought tears to my eyes at times to see these monsters, these Dr. Frankensteins create these unholy abominations . . . for I realize that I will be fortunate should I ever own another hearse within the remainder of my lifetime, and with knowing that I will never know the extreme joy of driving, and owning, a '59 Cadillac hearse. Yet, I do realize, and admit that crying over a vehicle is rather ridiculous, but I can't help but see the insidious crimes those monsters get away with, and it's painful knowing they possess no true appreciation for the vehicles themselves, and are only doing it out of pure selfishness of wanting to be, and to be regarded as a cool guy! Likely, they never realize that some people do not regard them as cool whatsoever, but instead, view them as criminally insane monsters! Strangers persistently told me what would be "cool" to do with my hearse, from the played out paint job of flames, to various skulls, can't forget the casket, to lift it like a monster truck, or lower it like a low-rider, along with a few other "suggestions", but the most popular one was just how cool it would be to turn it into a Ghostbusters' car. Man, people!!!


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