Sunday, March 13, 2016

Don Coscarelli talks Phantasm: Remastered, New Ravager Rumor

In advance of Monday night's premiere of Phantasm: Remastered at the SXSW festival in Texas, Don Coscarelli has been granting new interviews. Although still tight-lipped about the upcoming Phantasm Ravager, Coscarelli has been talking about how the new version of his original Phantasm came about and his friendship with JJ Abrams. We can expect more of these interviews in the coming week and while I won't be posting each one here, I did want to at least acknowledge that they were happening!

Coscarelli talks to the Nerdist

Coscarelli talks to Blumhouse

Coscarelli talks to Arrow-In-The-Head

Bloody-Disgusting Article mentioning Anchor Bay

And while Bloody-Disgusting's article casually mentions that Anchor Bay Entertainment is currently sitting on distribution rights for Phantasm Ravager, I'd urge you to take that with a grain of salt. Not that Anchor Bay isn't a likely contender, but does anyone honestly think that such a long awaited reveal would come out in the last line of a BD article that quotes another site's Coscarelli interview? If memory serves (and it might not), they made this same claim years ago and subsequently amended that article.


  1. Bloody Disgusting just posted 'new' stills from the restoration, which were widely circulated late last year. Proving they are totally out of the Phantasm loop.

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