Monday, September 4, 2017

Phantasm Fan Film Controversy

It came to my attention over the weekend that there has been some silly controversy regarding a new Phantasm fan film that’s in the works. Not a professional production, mind you, but a purely amateur effort of the smallest scale. I’m only barely sticking my nose in this one, so I won’t name the film or filmmaker here nor all the parties involved. To put it lightly, there has been much self-important chest beating from people who ARE NOT Don Coscarelli. So... what does Phantasm's creator actually think of fan productions?

To my knowledge, he's never released an official statement on the subject, but Coscarelli has always been incredibly supportive of his phanbase - including the creation of fan art. I remember in 2007 when the official website was relaunched (see screenshot below), one of the features Coscarelli hoped to introduce was a PHAN FILM CONTEST. What does that tell ya?

Phans, don't let yourself get discouraged by people who are not Don Coscarelli. Stay within tasteful and respectful bounds, but remember that no one has any claim to Phantasm beyond its creator.

You can’t spell sycophancy without PHAN.

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