Monday, August 14, 2017

Phantasm Flicks Getting Spiffy New German Blu-Ray Steelbooks

German phans, you're in luck! Black Hill Pictures has announced Blu-Ray Steelbooks of Phantasm, Phantasm II and Phantasm III. They already have the fifth film in circulation, so one can only assume that Phantasm Oblivion will eventually be joining the round up. The first film is slated for release on September 28, the second film on October 26 and the third film on November 23.  

The first film's Steelbook release will include three different covers, the most interesting of which boasts new artwork by artist Graham Humphreys, who is also illustrating the second and third film's Steelbooks. The third film's artwork has not yet been revealed. Yay for Reggie Bannister who has finally landed on a Phantasm II cover!

Click any cover below to see it larger!

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