Wednesday, September 6, 2017

French Phantasm Box Set Has Incredible Packaging

First we had the Well Go USA set. Then we had the Arrow Video sphere set. Now we're getting a collectible Tall Man box set from France? What!?

ESC Collectibles is reportedly launching a new box set of all five Phantasm movies. I haven't found a release date yet, but they're boasting that it will pack a ton of bonus features as well as a new 200-page book written by Marc Toulec. ESC is also reporting that this incredible release will be "limited to 300 certified and numbered copies." And you thought Well Go sold through their 10,000 box sets quickly....

Will report more information once it's available!


  1. Gosh, that is beautiful! I sooooo wish Rory could have lived to see this packaging. His smile would have been equally as beautiful and proud. :-D

  2. Is this it?

    1. Yeah, if you want the French version that is the one.


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