Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You're Not Gonna Believe What They're Selling at Dunsmuir Mansion

Phantasm phan and globe-trotting photographer Scott Pensa was in Northern California earlier today and opted to stop by the historic Dunsmuir Mansion in Oakland, California. Phans will surely recall that Dunsmuir served as the exterior of Morningside Mortuary on the original Phantasm. The group that controls the property regularly allow guests to tour the mansion and grounds, which has resulted in a ton of phans making pilgrimage to the location.

Scott was wrapping up his tour today and stopped by Dunsmuir's gift shop, where he spotted A BOX OF SILVER SPHERES FOR SALE. I swear to God, not even kidding. See the picture to your right. You may call them Christmas ornaments, but I know better. Those are chrome brain suckers if I've ever seen them.

Scott was wearing a spiffy Tall Man shirt during his visit and brought along his Red Planet Edition of Phantasm Exhumed. That edition is now out of print, but you can still find the Blue Edition on Amazon if you want to learn more about Phantasm's filming at Dunsmuir or how it nearly returned for Phantasm Oblivion.

To learn more about the property or plan your own visit, check out the official Dunsmuir website. They also host a ton of weddings, so if you're thinking of tying the knot anytime soon....

Thanks to Scott Pensa for the scoop!


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  1. funny, i only live about an hour from Dunsmuir and I've never been. Tried to go on a weekend but they are closed.


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