Monday, April 3, 2017

Ravager Director David Hartman Releases New Album!

Last month, Phantasm Ravager writer/director David Hartman debuted a terrific new musical album - "The Art of Monsters" by Zorgon. The artist/filmmaker/musician has described his stylings as "in the vein of synthwave, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter and 80's movie soundtracks." The Art of Monsters offers sixty-eight minutes of music across nineteen tracks. You can buy the physical CD release for $14.99 on Amazon or grab downloadable tracks for $9.99 on iTunes and other digital platforms.

I'm listening to the album as I type this and it's quite fantastic. I highly recommend it. If you're at all a fan of John Carpenter's "Lost Themes" albums, you'll find much to like here. You can keep up with Hartman and view his also fantastic artwork by visiting his official site here.

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