Friday, March 31, 2017

Coscarelli Teases Sixth Phantasm in New Book!

Word has hit via Dread Central that the new 120-page Phantasm Compendium book contained within Well Go's upcoming Blu-Ray Collection has Don Coscarelli speaking on a possible sixth Phantasm movie. His comments on the subject are below. You can read them and the rest of the Compendium when North American Phantasm Collection hits shelves on April 11. This begs the question... is Phantasm more than the sum of the original cast? Or is Phantasm all about the spheres, the 'Cudas, the mythology and the atmosphere? It's an interesting subject to ponder.

“All I can tell you about [Phantasm VI] is rest assured that we are constantly researching and experimenting here in the Phantasm labs, so who knows what we might cook up in the near future. However, I do think that Phantasm: Ravager will be the last you see of the original Phantasm actors in the series.”


  1. would be cool with a Rocky-led team TBH

  2. No way. Phantasm: Ravager proved the series is bankrupt on ideas.


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