Thursday, April 6, 2017

Phantasm Getting Spiffy French Blu-Ray Steelbook!

Is it just me or is our favorite horror series getting a lot of love special edition right now? In addition to the upcoming Well Go USA and Arrow Video collections, we now have something else! The original Phantasm received two new home video releases in France last month - a spiffy new Blu-Ray Steelbook edition and a standard DVD edition. These formats appear to be boasting the new Remastered version of the film. They come with new artwork and a few supplements. Packaging for the Blu appears below and the DVD to your right. Click any image to see it larger. Snag your steelbook copy from Amazon France here.

  • Interview inédite de 2017 de Guy Astic et Julien Maury (20’) 
  • Interview d’époque du réalisateur Don Coscarelli et de l’acteur Angus Scrimm réalisée en 1979 (28’) 
  • Intervention d’Angus Scrimm à une Convention en 1989 (10’) 
  • Bande-annonce 
  • Galerie de photos

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