Monday, January 4, 2016

Death Metal Tribute Album to Phantasm!

Here's something you don't see every day. "Old School Death Metal" band Funeral Whore has a new album coming out in March and the whole thing is a loving tribute to Phantasm! In fact, that's actually the album name also. The band hails from the Netherlands and is reportedly signed to FDA Rekotz. You can sample their upcoming album in the video below.

How can you not love their track listing? Songs like Phantasm, the Tall Man, Morningside Cemetery, Reanimated, The Graveyard Silence. As their promo video boasts, "Your ears will suffer unlimited old school death metal from the underground!"

Their social media reads, "The death metal nightmare is back from the abyss of all fucking evil!!!" You know, it's funny. That was my exact impression too. We'll be sure to check their album out upon release and post here when it's available. Check them out on Facebook here!

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