Monday, January 4, 2016

Fan Makes Amazing 1:24 Scale Hemi-Cuda from Phantasm!

YouTube user 'TrekWorks' aka Boyd Crompton specializes in professionally-built Star Trek models and has channeled his amazing talent and ability into building a custom 1:24 scale model of Phantasm's 1971 Hemi-Cuda. Crompton made this beautiful work of art across December and documented his process with a pretty cool video, which you can see below.

Crompton's upload also includes clips of the full-size Hemi-Cuda from the original Phantasm for comparison purposes. To this untrained eye, the detail here is breathtaking and kind-of makes you wonder why this beauty isn't utilized in some kind of miniature Phantasm special effect scene. (Hey, it'd be more cost-effective than totaling another actual Cuda. I'm looking at you, Phantasm II!) The guy even went so far as to borrow Cragar SS Wheels from a Dodge Charger model - now that's dedication!

Visit Boyd's website here.

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