Monday, January 4, 2016

Phantasm Ravager's Supporting Cast - What We Know

We're close.... can you feel it? This long spell of radio silence from the official camp is about to end! Distribution plans for the hotly anticipated Phantasm Ravager (and the preceding films) are surely about to be announced now that 2016 is at hand! But until we're inundated with new photos, posters, trailers, interviews and release dates - why not review some information on Phantasm V that may have been overlooked?

You're probably aware by now of the returning cast members - Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kathy Lester, Gloria Lynne-Henry and Angus Scrimm. We're now going to take a moment and rattle through five of the film's supporting cast, one of whom hasn't even been officially announced yet (and no, we're not talking about Peter Dinklage.)


The following cast members are all represented in the image above in order from left to right!

Daniel Schweiger as "Thief" - A veteran of Don Coscarelli's last two films, Schweiger actually created a temporary score used in editing Phantasm Oblivion before Christopher Stone had created that film's permanent music track. His role in Ravager is one that will cause great trouble for Reggie. What exactly will his character be stealing? Aside from his scenes, let's just say it's something that has been stolen from Reggie before.

Daniel Roebuck as "Demeter" - Another Coscarelli vet, Roebuck shot his part back in late 2008 when the project was being envisioned as web series called "Reggie's Tales." His scenes were kept throughout the following years and eventually inserted into Phantasm Ravager when the project switched gears to feature film. Demeter comes across Reggie in the flick and, shortly thereafter, a nasty shiny killer orb. As you can see in the film's first teaser trailer, that second encounter is not going end well for him. Trivia: Roebuck traveled to Crestline, California for his scenes, which is where the real-life Reggie calls home.

Jay Olivia as "Hooded Dwarf" - This casting is kind of interesting, especially considering that Olivia is credited on IMDb as playing a "Hooded Dwarf," yet the man stands 5 foot 6 inches tall! That may constitute the tallest dwarf in series history! Olivia has dabbled in acting, but is primarily a director and storyboard artist. As the latter, he's worked on a slew of big budget blockbusters including Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, Dawn of Justice: Batman v Superman, Ant Man and Man of Steel. As director, he's tackled numerous animated films for DC Comics including Batman vs Robin, Batman: Assault on Arkham and Justice League: War. He's a longtime associate of Ravager director David Hartman.

Solly Duran as "Raina" - Here is one cast member we haven't seen depicted yet in anything from the movie, so information on her character Raini is scant. Duran was most recently seen in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, so this won't be her first romp into the horror genre. Considering she is often cast as a partying, tough-as-nails type - she could be a romantic interest for Reggie or a lethal scavenger he comes across on the road - or possibly something else.

Dawn Cody as "Dawn" - Here is the one supporting cast member on this list that hasn't been formally announced yet or credited on the film's IMDb page. Like Olivia, Cody is an old associate of Hartman. They've both made appearances on The Sarah Silverman Show. Trivia: Cody also appeared in 1998's Pleasantville, which also featured Phantasm III's Kevin Connors (Tim) in a supporting role!

Like Roebuck, Cody was a part of this project back when it was being referred to as "Reggie's Tales," and could be glimpsed in the sequel's Texas Frightmare preview (If you've seen her in the leaked trailer, shame on you for watching it!) Her character takes her own name (not unlike Mike and Reggie!), though prepare to be confused when Reggie talks about "Don" and "Dawn" since they sound an awful lot alike! As for her ultimate fate in Phantasm Ravager.... well, let's just say.... we've heard there will be blood!


  1. Nice to know a little bit of new information about this longly awaited sequel.

  2. Is Phantasm: Ravanger going to be a motion picture or a direct-to-DVD release?

  3. Can't believe after all this that I actually saw The Force Awakens first. At least we knew the release date with the first teaser. Even after this Ravager release I doubt the delay and marketing mishap will ever be explained or mentioned to the public.


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