Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hear This! What if John Carpenter had scored Phantasm?

From the very beginning, music has been an enormously important part of the Phantasm series. Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave's theme music has become an iconic staple of the franchise and genre as it winds itself through each sequel, always evolving.

Personally, I really dig hearing musically inclined phans perform their own covers of it. Some infuse it with a hard metal sound while others go more action epic in the direction of Phantasm II. Today, I've got a unique cover for you to check out from composer Dan J. Schulte, a highly dedicated franchise follower for several decades now. If you saw either the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy documentaries, then you've already heard Dan's work and you know it is pretty awesome.

Dan's cover, which clocks in at seven minutes long in this video, is titled Phantasms and strongly evokes the music of John Carpenter. I'm talking John Carpenter back when he was collaborating with Alan Howarth circa Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Horror fans will know that is a great period in Carpenter's career to evoke. Also being a huge Halloween fan, it's really no surprise where Dan takes inspiration from on this piece.

I implore you to give this Phantasm theme tribute a shot. Don't just hit play and click over to another tab. Go grab some headphones and close your eyes. Soak this in. Revel in the imagery it conjures inside your mind. I dare you to let yourself be alone with the spooky phantasmic sounds of Dan's tribute. It is surely a treat.

You can check out more of Dan's music here. You can also download an extended, higher-quality version of this tribute on his website as well.

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