Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Custom-Made Phantasm Action Figures!

On the heels of yesterday's terrific music, I'm back with another treat from composer and phan Dan J. Schulte. Some twenty-three years ago, Dan decided he wanted his own set of Phantasm action figures. The only problem was that none existed at that time. After all, that was still several years prior to NECA's Cult Classics 7" Tall Man figure, which is now out-of-print and fetching steep prices on the secondary market. So what did Dan do? He did what any resourceful phan would have done - he made his own badass Mike and Reggie figures!! Read on to see additional photos of his creations and learn what these toys were in their previous lives.

Aren't they great?? Dan tells me that the Mike Pearson piece was originally a John Connor figure from Terminator 2 that just happened to come with its own motorbike. When painted green, that motorbike suddenly became Mike's Hodaka Road Toad from the first Phantasm.

Reggie, on the other hand, was a combination of two different figures. The body was a Worf figure from the Star Trek: The Next Generation toy line. I believe Dan when he tells me this, but that body is completely unrecognizable now as our favorite ice cream vendor, a testament to his toymaking skills. The Reggie head hailed from a Mola Ram figure from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, believe it or not! Dan did a fabulous job of marrying these two pieces together with paint. Reggie's pony tail was a putty customization added on to Mola's head.

Phans may have already received a Tall Man figure and 'Cuda, but we're hungry for much more. How about a full line featuring young Mike, old Mike, multiple Reggie's, Rocky, Tim, gravers and some new Tall Man's? Are you listening toy companies!??

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