Monday, January 5, 2015

See A. Michael Baldwin Harlem Shake with Zombies!

This video and story aren't exactly new, but I'm willing to bet there's a significant handful of phans that have yet to experience their glory! You may have seen the Harlem Shake done in an office, on a plane and even while skydiving, but have you ever seen a Harlem Shake performed by zombies? Or better yet, have you ever seen a Harlem Shake by Phantasm star A. Michael Baldwin and dance crew of zombies? If not, read on to read about how everyone's favorite BOOOY got down with some funky dead-heads.

If you somehow missed out on the 2013 viral sensation that was Harlem Shake and have absolutely no clue what I'm referencing, consult the almighty Wikipedia's entry on it here. It's sort of like a video meme that swept the internet two years ago.

In early 2013, the magnificently gifted horror photographer Joshua Hoffine staged a very unique photo shoot with A. Michael Baldwin. Titled "Last Stand," it depicts Baldwin as a father-on-the-edge defending his family against an onslaught of ravenous zombies.

Simply put, I love this photo! There are so many fun details to soak in here. I strongly recommend you enlarge the image above and scan it for such details (how about that random John Denver album snuck in there?) One especially well staged part of the image is the poor mother reaching for the revolver while under attack. The model absolutely nailed that desperate expression. Also, not to worry - Hoffine posted on his blog that he photographed the child separately for her well-being and later Photoshopped her in to the mix.

Hoffine told Dread Central, “The big photo shoot took place on March 6 with my lead actor A. Michael Baldwin and lasted for an exhausting 17 hours. Most of the time was spent on zombie make-up, led by the wonderful J. Anthony Kosar.”

It was at some point during this zany day that it occurred to Hoffine to use the gathered talent for another purpose - the creation of the Harlem Shake video. Scroll down to see the embedded Shake!

You can get a 5x7 print of "Last Stand" here signed by both Hoffine and Baldwin for the scant price of $15 with free shipping.

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