Wednesday, January 21, 2015

German Phantasm Trailer: Das Böse

You've probably seen the original theatrical trailer for Phantasm (the one that continually asked what Phantasm was), but have you ever seen a trailer for the film's German release, Das Böse? It plays a little differently than the American preview, barely containing any Tall Man until the last moments. It does, however, feature the Lady in Lavender and a strategically placed black circle in order to keep the trailer bosom free. How modest.

Phantasm has remained especially popular in Germany in the decades since its first release. Both Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister have been warmly recieved at German horror conventions in recent years. Germany was also the first country to receive a Blu-ray box set of the entire franchise, though those transfers do not appear to have been approved by Don CoscarelliSprechen Sie Deutsch?

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