Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Good and Bad of Phantasm Ravager

There has been an enormous amount of fan speculation in the wake of last year's surprise announcement that a new Phantasm sequel was on the distant horizon. The first details and teaser trailer gave series followers much to chew on. While the  initial response appears to have been largely positive, there are those still struggling with the fact that Don Coscarelli is not firmly planted in the director's seat as with the other four films. I consider myself cautiously optimistic when it comes to Phantasm Ravager. In all fairness, David Hartman could well knock this one out of the ballpark and end the series on a high note. That Hartman has earned Coscarelli's confidence enough to take over the franchise must be a testament to his ability.

Of all the opinions I've seen expressed about the film on message forums and social media, none seem more levelheaded than what Martin Yates has written for the Ghastly Tales website. Martin addresses both the good and (potential) bad of the new film with one eye on the previous entries. He looks at which elements of the project instill confidence and which elements give him pause. I see many of my own opinions mirrored in Martin's article. If you're still unsure what to make of Ravager at this still early stage, I highly encourage you give it a read.

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