Thursday, January 22, 2015

Phantasm Sounds: That familiar humming

"There's this door down here. 
And I bet there's something behind it."

The vibrating hum of the spacegate has remained an unforgettable auditory hallmark of the Phantasm series from the moment Mike Pearson first dared to enter Morningside Mortaury. The sound effect was so unique that it was included on the film's soundtrack album. Last March, YouTube user "Phantasmed" managed to recreate that complex sound using a Yahama EX7 Synthesizer. They write that their new spacegate hum was the combination of six different sounds that span multiple octaves.

Lucky for us, "Phantasmed" has uploaded their creation to the video sharing site... and it's thirty-five minutes long! That's right... feel free to hit play on this video and go about your daily routine pretending you're in a Phantasm movie. Whether reading, tidying up, making dinner or watching television, having a thirty-five minute loop of the spacegate hum will surely make you feel as though you're living Phantasm.... and probably make you far more reluctant to answer that heavy knock at the door lest it be someone tall.

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