Monday, December 2, 2013

Play as the Tall Man in Horror Mash-Up Video Game

So this game isn't exactly brand new, but it hasn't been covered here before and I'm willing to be there are plenty of phans that haven't heard of it and would love the opportunity to see the Tall Man and his spheres kick the undead shit out of Freddy Krueger and others. Enter Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen!

From the official Terrordrome website: Terrordrome is a PC fan game with a professional quality level. It's home-brew, free and totally fan-oriented! Based on a one-on-one 2D fighting game, Terrordrome features the most popular horror movie characters from the 80's till now in encounters between the most frightening and imposing killers for the biggest pleasure of fans from both horror movies and video games. You choose your favorite character and fight against a roster of other characters.

Read on for a list of horror villains available for sparring, a great photo of the Tall Man about to whoop some Krueger tail, video of our favorite mortician in actual gameplay and a link to the official website where you can download the game.

Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen gives you the opportunity to square the Tall Man off against Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Herbert "Re-Animator" West, Chucky the Killer Doll, Ash, the Ghostface killer, Maniac Cop Matt Cordell, Candyman, Pumpkinhead, Pinhead and Leatherface. These characters are terrifically realized video game versions of their movie counterparts. You can tell just how much work went into getting the details right - the Tall Man even bleeds yellow blood when attacked!

As of now, the game is only for PC. Sounds like I might need to borrow a Windows computer in order to be able to wield the power of the Tall Man against his fellow feared. You can download it at the official Terrordrome website, which requires flash to access.

The Tall Man and Freddy Krueger in the latter's infamous boiler room setting.
(Click photo to enlarge)

If you're unable to play the game or simply can't wait to see the Tall Man in action, including his special movies, check out the below video. At almost twenty minutes long, it shows the Tall Man tearing his way through some of horror's greatest icons beginning with Chucky before moving onto Ash, Jason and Freddy, each appearing in their respective home fields.

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