Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Massive Phantasm II Theatrical Standee

From the murky shadows of the Phantasm Community comes a glimpse at one of the rarest Phantasm collectibles of all time - a massive Phantasm II theatrical standee. These babies were shipped to theaters all over the nation in 1988 to promote the film and sadly, most were destroyed or discarded after usage. 

This photo collage comes to us from user 'Phantasm2009,' who writes that he found them on an old floppy disk years after being forced to sell the prized item while in hard times. The model in the second picture is his wife.

I myself have only ever seen the detachable sphere appear on eBay, never the entire standee. I gave momentary thought to bidding on the sphere itself anyway, but who would honestly want an oversized James LeGros head staring at them from across the room? Not this guy. Continue reading for pictures of the standee.

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  1. I remember walking into a theatre lobby (forget what movie) and without even knowing there was a Phantasm 2 coming out saw this same display-- I nearly had a heart attack! I wish I could've nabbed it when they were done with it.


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