Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Phantasm Model Kit You've Probably Never Seen

When you think about it, Phantasm is pretty unexploited when it comes to official merchandise and collectibles. Sure, we had that official Tall Man figurine from several years back, but where are the other characters in that particular line? Wouldn't you like to have Mike with dagger and flamethrower accessories? Reggie with four-barrel and tuning fork? Or how about Phantasm: Oblivion's Jennifer with detachable sphere bosom? Okay, nix that last one.

But what about masks? Deluxe 18" figures with sound? Prop replicas? Model kits? If you're especially hungry for a Tall Man model kit and you've got $500 to spare, CONTINUE READING and get ready to satiate your appetite.

The measly sum of $500 will get you this 1991 model of the Tall Man standing inside a space gate, sphere in hand. It's branded as being from "The Resinator Company" (get it?) and even comes with the original packaging and instructions. The catch is that this, like most models, requires some glue, some paint and a lot of patience! As far as Tall Man models go, this one isn't bad looking even if it doesn't appear to be officially licensed. If the $500 price tag seems a bit steep, remember that the auction page lists it as being "extremely rare," which might very well be true since I seldom see them offered on eBay. And don't forget about the free shipping!

I wonder how much the seller would charge to glue and paint it for me? Click any photo to see it larger.

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