Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching Up With A. Michael Baldwin

To those phans eagerly awaiting A. Michael Baldwin's return to the horror genre, your thirst is about to be quenched. Everyone's favorite 'boooooooy' is back before the camera with three projects in his first genre work since 1998's Phantasm: Oblivion. And before you ask, the long awaited Phantasm V is not among them.... yetThese projects all appear to be in various stages of either production, post-production or distribution negotiation. I'll be sure to post here when news of their releases is available! 

Read on to learn more about the three spooky projects!

Brutal (feature film)
From writer/director/producer/lead actor Michael Patrick Stevens comes Brutal in which Michael plays victim Carl Gibson. From the official website: Brutal " is a tight, complex, psychological, horror ride. It's the story about a normal man, family man, business man who becomes ensnared in the evil web of a madman. What would you do? How would you escape? Ultimately, how would you survive??? "Brutal" is not at all how it appears on the surface. As the layers of the multi-dimensional plot begin to peel away, NOTHING is what it seems. You are continually taken through a roller coaster ride of non-stop twists & turns, leading to one of the most truly climatic and SHOCKING endings in horror movie history.

Click here to watch the Brutal trailer.
Click here to visit the official Brutal website.

The Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter (feature film)
The second is The Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter, which is actually a standalone movie despite what the title would have you think. That is to say, there aren't any preceeding films. It's all part of what this film is really about as a love letter to 80's slasher films. Michael stars as Sheriff Matthews alongside Troma Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis. This film benefited from a successful IndieGogo campaign recently and you can follow updates on the official Facebook page.

I'm eagerly awaiting a first trailer from this labor of love.

It Came From the Dead! (short film)
Last up is a short film Michael appeared in as the Conjurer called It Came From the Dead! I haven't seen anything about the release of this one, but here's a link to the production company's official Facebook page. Michael's vintage wardrobe and makeup are top notch here as is the authentic looking location that could double as Jebediah Morningside's home. Photos from the Facebook page show him playing the violin (Michael is musically inclined, after all) and also showcase a wicked undead makeup!!!

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