Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phantasm Soap?!

I've seen some strange Phantasm collectibles in my short time... homemade masks, cell phone covers, decorated toilet-seats and sphere-bras... but this particular item rates a new high for both strange and cool! (Well, maybe it ties the custom-decorated toilet seat.) I give you SpellBound Soapworks' Custom Phantasm Sphere Soap! Because even the Tall Man needs to wash his hands SOMETIME.

The sphere soap comes in a variety of scents... might I recommend LAVENDER? The cost is $7 a bar, which doesn't sound too bad for sculpted, hand-painted soap. To order, visit this page and scroll halfway down until you see the sphere.

They also have Freddy, Jason, Jigsaw, Michael Myers, Leatherface and a host of other cool soaps for horror collectors.

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