Monday, June 6, 2011

UPDATED: Monster Mania 18 Pics & Videos

This past weekend's Monster Mania 18 convention in Baltimore, Maryland has come and gone and I really must once again applaud Dave Hagan and his team for organizing yet another classy show. Dubbed "Return to Crystal Lake," it was primarily a reunion for the Friday the 13th crowd, but also featured non-Friday celebrities Lance Henriksen and our very own Angus Scrimm. Amusingly, the Tall Man actor was a top contender for longest autograph line of the weekend, surpassing even the roomful of actors who'd played Jason Voorhees. Angus' only competition for the most popular celebrity title was the equally popular Friday series creator Sean Cunningham. Phantasm fans turned out en masse for the event, including Phantasm Community's own Lena Maschko (LMSunshine) and Steve Barna (Generator). 

Continue reading for a dozen or so pictures and a humorous video of Angus making his way to the VIP Party on Friday night.

UPDATE: Courtesy Lena, Angus' entire joint Q&A session with Lance Henriksen can now be found split across three videos at the end of this post.

With Angus on Thursday night.

If you ask me, Jason has never been cuter!

Chilling in the Garden Room with (unknown), Lena Maschko, myself, Shane Erickson and Cody Parker.

Getting choked by the Tall Man on Friday.

Group Photo from the VIP Party Friday night: Lena, Angus, fellow fan Scott Pensa and myself.

Phantasm Community members Unite! Myself, Steve Barna (Generator), Angus and Lena (LMsunshine). (Photo courtesy Lena Maschko)

A sweet cake from the VIP Party. One of the Jason's literally "slashed" it with a machete.

Posing with the awesome Kristy Jett of Fright Rags and their just-as-awesome Phantasm shirt.

With Ari Lehman from Friday the 13th.

With the very "friendly" Kane Hodder from films 7-10. This was immediately after Kane mentioned that he'd seen THIS VIDEO.

With the very nice Lance Henriksen of Aliens and Terminator.

With Paula Shaw from Freddy vs Jason

With Ken Kirzinger, the Jason from Freddy vs Jason.

With Adrienne King from Friday the 13th (Photo courtesy Lena Maschko)

With Sean Cunningham, the creator behind it all.

With Scott Pensa and Jason Goes to Hell star John LeMay

UPDATE: We're now lucky enough to have several excellent videos from the show courtesy Lena Maschko. The first is a hilarious throwback to a memorable scene in the first Phantasm. The other three videos are from Angus' joint Q&A session with Lance Henriksen. How about that round of applause as the Tall Man takes to the stage, eh?!

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