Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phil Sawyer's Homemade Figures

Longtime fan and Reggie look-a-like Phil Sawyer recently sent in the following images of his homemade Phantasm figures... and they're terrific! He's outfitted his Tall Man with a silver sphere and armed the Regman with his signature weapon, the four-barrel shotgun. (Anybody else notice Ash sneaking up on the Tall Man in that one pic?) Phil made these figures with the help of his son. Way to go, fellas!

Phil also informs me that his fan film project, Phantasm 4.1 is nearing completion. Click the title for a sneak peak at the short, which features Phil as the Reggie (complete with four-barrel and Cuda) as well as a ghastly version of the Tall Man!

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