Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Auction Update: P2 Rambo Sphere Prop & Other Rarities Added

In case you missed yesterday's groovy news, Phantasm series crewmember Kristen Deem is having a moving sale and parting with some rare treasures from her personal Phantasm collection. The first item to hit the auction block was an authentic Phantasm II silver sphere used during production!

Kristen has added a few additional items to eBay since that first prop including an even more rare Phantasm II "Rambo Sphere" used to kill the mortuary caretaker (Mark Anthony Major). Below is a listing of what's been added since yesterday. Each auction page comes with at least one photo and a detailed description of the item. The R. Quinn mask even comes with a copy of a decades old letter from Angus Scrimm discussing it! Way cool.

Phantasm II "Rambo Half-Sphere" Prop used in the caretaker's death

Rare Licensed 1980 Tall Man Halloween Mask by R. Quinn Studios

1983 Angus Scrimm Painted Lifecast Mask from The Lost Empire (this mask's twin was used on Phantasm Oblivion)

Phantasm II T-Shirt and Promo Button from World Premiere Screening

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