Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Actual Phantasm II Sphere Prop on eBay!

Fans of the sphere.... this may be your lucky week. We've had some issues in recent years with fake silver sphere props appearing on the auction block. Sphere wrangler Kerry Prior even called out some of these fakers. But today's prop auction comes from an incredibly reliable source - a veteran crewmember of three sequels!

Phantasm series crewmember Kristen Deem is moving and parting with some rare items from her personal collection. Among this lot is an authentic production-used Phantasm II sphere!! The ball is currently listed on eBay here. Kristen Deem was a storyboard artist/unit publicist on Phantasm II, assistant to Angus Scrimm on Phantasm III and script supervisor/prop master/costume assistant on Phantasm Oblivion. She can be prominently seen throughout the supplemental materials for both the recent Well Go USA and Arrow UK Blu-Ray collections.

Kristen describes the ball as such: "The silver sphere is only one of its kind authentic set prop from the actual production of "Phantasm II." This fiberglass ball was created and chromed by late SPFX artist Steve Patino. (There are no prong or drill holes on this particular orb.) Over a dozen of these were created by Patino for a specific shot filmed during the later part of production (circa February 1988--I don't have access to my journal at this time to get an exact date) at our Perigord mausoleum set in a Chatsworth warehouse. I assisted with the shot that day, standing at one end of the hallway. One of our crew members was a semi-professional baseball pitcher and he tossed all these spheres down the corridor towards me in a curve-ball fashion. They would round the corner of the intersection (out of camera view) at the last moment and smash into the wall next to me, shattering onto the floor. The footage was played backwards to replicate the sphere flying sequence identical to the first "Phantasm." I was the cleanup person that day, sweeping up the shards before each camera take, and this sphere is the only one that survived relatively intact. I glued what I could back together and have kept this prop in my closet almost thirty years. It may not be much to look at but it is a genuine piece of film history from the actual filming of "Phantasm II" being sold by the crew member who was there that day. All the other spheres constructed for this shot were completely destroyed (I disposed of them all)."

If you want to own an authentic piece of rare Phantasm history, hit up the auction page here!

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