Thursday, April 6, 2017

WEIRD: Someone Mixed up Phantasm and Sherlock Holmes' DVD Credits

Today's news of Phantasm's recent French Blu-Ray release got me searching out international home video releases of the series just for fun. And God, some of them are weird. I found a Spanish release of the first four films that has a pretty major packaging goof.

It would appear that someone confused the credits of Phantasm Oblivion with the 1980s The Return of Sherlock Holmes television series starring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke. What's weirder is that the DVD company got some of the technical credits for Oblivion right, though Fred Myrow's credit as co-composer with Christopher Stone is incorrect. Although Myrow's involvement with Oblivion was announced early on, he was ultimately unable to work on the picture. The back cover doesn't actually feature any images from Oblivion, but it also fortunately doesn't feature any images of Sherlock Holmes.

Also just noticed that this DVD set is using phan artwork of the silver sphere at bottom left.

If you're looking to add this weird item to your collection, you can do so here.

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