Sunday, August 28, 2016

VIDEO: Phantasm III on MTV's The Real World

Today we get to watch something elusive that has long been rumored amongst Phantasm phans, but never actually materialized online. During the making of Phantasm III, the second season of MTV's The Real World reality series was said to have paid a visit to set and even featured the sequel in one of the episodes!

Thanks to super-phan and Protagonist lead singer Peter Marullo, we now have that episode! In this clip, cast member Beth talks about helping out on film sets doing "menial labor." We're then shown her standing by with paper towels as legendary effects supervisor Mark Shostrom and partner Dean Gates execute one of the Demon Nurse effects. Messy stuff! Beth seems to imply the sphere bursting from the nurse's head was somehow anticlimactic? Was she watching the same effect I was? Or maybe she's just seen head-bursting-spheres before and this is no big deal.

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  1. That was cool to see! I actually burst out laughing when she said, "Like... yeah...." She nailed it. Standing around for hours, and then seeing just this tiny piece of a scene can indeed feel like this. Filmmaking is a study in tremendous Zen-like patience and being able to mentally envision the bigger picture. :) Thank you Pete and Dustin!


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