Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reggie's Ice Cream Shop to Appear on CNBC's The Profit

The delightful Fosselman's Ice Cream Shop in Alhambra, California, better known to phans as the interior of Reggie's Ice Cream Shop from the Phantasm deleted scene, will make an appearance in an upcoming episode of CNBC's The Profit on the August 23rd episode. They seem to have cleaned up the store nicely since Mike, Jody and Reggie had their drunken food fight so many years ago. Remarkably, the store still looks much the same as it did then, featuring many of the same decorations, light fixtures and signs as almost seen in Phantasm.

Thanks to super-phan Scott Pensa for the news alert! You can see some of Fosselman's in the video below.

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