Saturday, July 9, 2016

Phantasm: Remastered Coming to Chicago

Information has recently surfaced on two special screenings of Phantasm: Remastered for later this summer. Don Coscarelli will personally be bringing the flick to Chicago's Flashback Weekend this August. This special edition of the original film will play on Friday night and again on Saturday night, August 5th and 6th. The convention's website promises that each screening will also include an extended trailer for Phantasm Ravager

The film won't be shown at the actual convention, but rather at the nearby Carmine Muvico Rosemont 18. If memory serves, this theater is within easy walking distance of the convention hotel. Flashback also promises that each screening will be introduced by Coscarelli himself.

Chicago's Flashback Weekend has long been a special place for the franchise, having hosted the official 30th and 35th anniversary reunion events. Don Coscarelli is the only Phantasm-related guest announced so far, but there are other exciting reunions happening that weekend as well including Scream and Wishmaster. (Well, Wishmaster's Bob Kurtzman provided special effects on the second and fourth Phantasm's, so that makes two Phantasm guests, actually!)


  1. Wow I wish this could come to Philadelphia.

  2. curious if anybody knows if this will play in Chicago again. I was busy both times it's screened so far


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