Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Ravager Cast Members Revealed

A quick look at the Phantasm Ravager IMDb page reveals the addition of two new cast members, one of whom has a connection to the original film. Visual effects artist and sometimes actor Jonathan Sims has been credited with the role of "Steampunk Graver," which may be who we see sporting goggles in the film's original 2014 trailer.

The second cast reveal is Cean Okada as "Nurse," presumably at the psychiatric hospital where Reggie is known to be admitted at in the story. Okada previously played a nurse in Don Coscarelli's 2004 cult-darling Bubba Ho-Tep. If that last name sounds familiar, you may be thinking of her husband - renowned cinematographer Daryn Okada who served as director of photography on Phantasm II. Daryn's first-ever crew gig was as a grip on the original Phantasm. He also helped on some second unit photography for Phantasm III.

(If you're unfamiliar with Daryn and his contributions to the franchise, I interviewed him for my book, Phantasm Exhumed, which you can now download on the Amazon Kindle platform as of this week in addition to the standard paperback.)

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