Thursday, April 25, 2019

Super Rare Piece of Phantasm's Mausoleum For Sale!

Here's something you truly don't see every day. Right now, there is an eBay auction underway for a piece of contact paper used in the making of the original Phantasm! That's right - you can now own a legitimate piece of the Tall Man's mausoleum! Most phans likely already know that the original 1979 film didn't shoot at an actual mausoleum, but rather inside a Chatsworth, California warehouse made to look like a mausoleum through the use of contact paper.

The backstory on this rare item goes like this. Don Coscarelli gave this item to series crew member Kristen Deem during the making of Phantasm Oblivion. Kristen later gifted it to phan and artist Robert Long, who is now parting ways with it. You may recall Rob as the artist behind Phantasm's 20th Anniversary poster. On an unrelated note, so weird to think that poster came out twenty years ago. How time flies...

The starting bid is a mighty reasonable $75, so go get it!

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