Monday, July 11, 2016

Phantasm 20th Anniversary Posters on Sale

If you either missed out on Phantasm's 20th Anniversary celebration or weren't into phandom at the time, you're in luck. Artist and filmmaker Robert Long is offering a final round of original prints of his official 20th Anniversary Poster and at an amazingly affordable price. The eye-catching artwork features an eyebrow-raised Tall Man lording over Mike, Jody, Reggie, the Lady in Lavender and a couple of dwarves. In the background, the Tall Man's hearse chases the Cuda out of Morningside Cemetery. A silver sphere whizzes past in the foreground.

Robert writes in with the following message: "I have some really sucky, sad news. My landlord forced me to keep all my art supplies and posters in the basement. Recently we had a tornado go through. This left a lot of standing water in the house. It ruined the bulk of my Phantasm posters. Crumpled, torn, stuck together and wet, I have had to through away most of what was left. I bring this up because I will be putting up the ones I could salvage on ebay. Once those few are gone - that's it. Just wanted you fans to know in case any of you are looking to pick one up."

Unfortunately, his loss is now your gain. You can find the remaining posters for sale on this eBay page. They come signed by the artist and are individually numbered out of 1,000, though in actuality there are less than a thousand in circulation, making these rare and collectible.

You can read more about Rob in this excellent blog post over at the official Phantasm website or visit him at his own website, Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking.

(The 20th Anniversary Poster is ideal for getting cast members to sign on account of the white mausoleum marble trim border that surrounds the artwork. Photo below courtesy Scotty Bootz Georgeson!)

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