Friday, March 2, 2018

A Phantasm Sega Genesis Game? Yes please!

File this one under "Phantasm Merchandise You've Been Dying For But Will Never Get." That's right... these images depict a Phantasm game for the Sega Genesis console. I love the detail on these images, especially how Reggie has both his trusty four-barrel shotgun and his trademark plaid shirt. Sadly, these appear to be artwork renderings rather than screenshots from an actual game.

Instagram user cult_of_cthulhu posted the following: "The most thrilling Sega Genesis title of never is finally not here!!! Your home destroyed, your community a ghost town, and miniature minions of the Tall Man are everywhere. Now, only Reggie can stop this hellish nightmare from becoming reality. This is Phantasm 2!!! Sprites by SXGodzilla."

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