Friday, February 23, 2018

New Japanese Phantasm Box Set Comes With Coscarelli Letter

February sees the release of a new international Phantasm Blu-ray set, this time from Japan. Dubbed the "Perfect Box," it contains all five Phantasm films and a slew of bonus features. (I'm not entirely sure what those features are since I haven't been able to find an English press release for the set.) Among the exclusives in this release is a personal letter (pictured below) from series creator Don Coscarelli in English. The "Perfect Box" also comes with six nifty postcard prints of the films' intriguing Japanese artwork, which you can also see below. Click any of the poster artworks below to see them larger.

You can buy this set from Amazon Japan, but you'll need to be able to navigate their website, which is in all Japanese, in order to purchase it. Maybe a browser translator could help?

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