Sunday, September 25, 2016

STUNNING Remote-Controlled Battle 'Cuda from Phantasm Ravager!

Get ready to be jealous, folks. Mega-phan Alex Khan has enlisted several friends to build him an RC version of the Battle 'Cuda from Phantasm Ravager, which happens to premiere tonight at FantasticFest in Austin, Texas! The body/paint molds were done by Brad Hair Productions, the body/chassis drilling by Dan Wilson and the wheel/tire work by DJ Scoobby LuvThis sweet phan creation is stunningly movie-accurate from the paint scuffs all the way down to the license plate. I encourage you to click any of the photos below to see the car in greater detail or play the video beneath them. We've seen numerous 'Cuda models in years past, but I don't ever recall seeing one that was remote-controlled!

Alex writes in, "I'm a huge fan of mopars in movies. But since I can't afford a real mopar, I settle with 1/10th RC cars. The Cudas in the Phantasm movies are some of my favorite movie cars of all time (along with the Ford Falcon Interceptor in Mad Max; the 70 Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point). I'm definitely not a professional. I told my friends what I wanted, and I gathered the parts for it to make it happen."

Alex has revealed to The Phantasm Archives that he plans on creating RC versions of 'Cudas from the earlier Phantasm movies, so look forward to seeing those here once he's done. Now we just need him to make a remote-controlled Tall Man's Hearse for the 'Cuda to chase after!

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