Monday, September 26, 2016

First Ravager Reviews Are Here!

The first official review of Phantasm Ravager following last night's Austin, Texas premiere has landed online. Eric Walkuski has posted his thoughts over on the JoBlo website. While Eric doesn't hold back his problems with the movie, he ultimately gives it a favorable 7/10 rating with positive comments overall. Read the review here.

And while the giant Phantasm phans over at Daily Grindhouse haven't technically posted a full proper review yet, they have posted a "Reflections" discussion on the film, which you can read here. In it, writers Matt Wedge and Mike Vanderbilt discuss the ups and downs of what may be Phantasm's final outing. And while you're at the Grindhouse, be sure to check out their massive offering of series related posts from last week, which was dubbed Phantasm Week.

Various audience reactions are constantly being fed into social media and the most common sentiments, it seems, are that Ravager is a "blast" and truly feels at heart like a Phantasm movie. High praise as far as I'm concerned.

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