Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Someone took the Red Planet Edition to the Red Planet!?

Now this cracks me up. 

Phantasm Exhumed photographer and pal-o-mine Scott Pensa recently jetted off to California for Samantha Phillip's 50th Birthday Bash among other things and on his way there made a stop off at the Tall Man's Red Planet! In actuality, that planet is the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale. Here are his pictures from the location as it looks today. Although the planet's landscape appears to extend off into the horizon, it does not really. Shots of the Red Planet rely heavily on forced perspective since the rocky surface is in reality a steep hill that rises up. Look closely in the second picture and you can see what appears to be a bicyclist riding along a path atop the hill.

You'll notice Scott brought along his Red Planet Edition to the Red Planet, which is a first for my book as far as I know!!

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